Staying Active During the Winter Months


Just because this weather doesn’t want you to get out and play doesn’t mean all is lost. Layering up and checking out the winter wilderness is always a viable option. However, if you aren’t up for facing the cold you’re in luck. Springfield is developing so much and with new forms of recreation practically around every corner there is no excuse to keep yourself from adventure. With innovative establishments such as Sky Zone, Zenith Climbing Center or Warrior Sports you can break a sweat embracing your inner monkey and learn new ways to use and strengthen the body. Yoga in all its different variations and practices can be found in every sector of the town for those wanting to loosen up and work out all knots and kinks from a busy work week, you can even turn it up a notch and try Hot Yoga if you REALLY want to sweat. Or if you’re just looking to lift some weight and amp up the heart rate but hate the conventional gym atmosphere Springfield is equipped with a plethora of CrossFit "boxes" ready to push you to new limits and give a chalky high-five at the end of it all. Pilates, TRXMartial ArtsPotteryMicro Brew Tours, the list goes on and on and Springfield has it all and all with their own welcoming communities to involve yourself in. Springfield’s opportunity for recreation is growing by the month! So, we can all be excited in knowing that even if the weather has use clinging to our covers in the morning we know that we are never without the opportunity to get sweaty, connected, and happy. Stay warm out there.

Daniel Collins