A Mother's Day Adventure

Every year, I scramble to find the perfect gift for my mom on Mother’s Day. What do you get someone who has played such an important role in your life? I usually settle for something simple like flowers or a gift card, but the reality is that she deserves so much more. And this year, I was finally able to celebrate her in a proper way: with a Horseback Riding & Winery trip from 37 North.

group photo.png

On Sunday morning, we got up and set out to meet our group. There were two other mother-daughter duos as well as a husband and wife who were celebrating the holiday. Our group also had two moms who wanted a fun day out to treat themselves, two women whose families aren’t keen on celebrating Mother’s Day, and one woman who simply said, “why not?” and signed up. The one thing that was echoed by everyone was how nice it was that they were just able to sign up for a trip and not have to worry about the rest. Especially for mothers who often have to take care of so much, it was a great treat to have everything taken care of for them. It was such a fun mix of people, and I loved hearing everyone share their stories throughout the day.

We arrived at Bear Creek Trail Rides & Stables around 10am, and after minimal difficulty, we all saddled up and set off with our guides. Most of us were beginners, and for me and my mom it was our first time ever on a horse! However, this was the perfect way to get introduced. It was so amazing to observe each horse’s unique personality and mannerisms, and the guides told us stories about their background as we rode. I developed a really fun connection with my horse Cletus and was sad to say goodbye at the end of the hour-long ride. Seeing my mom’s smile at the end was truly priceless; she said she officially checked something off her bucket list.

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Our next stop was Bear Creek Winery, a hidden gem with breathtakingly beautiful scenery. They greeted us with a plethora of wine samples that were native to the Missouri Valley area. Our group dispersed to enjoy the live music, delicious food, and incredible views. I spent this free time getting to know one of my fellow group members – a very kind artist who has lived all over the country. That is one of the best things about 37 North: it brings people together and allows you to get connected.

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We made a bonus stop on our way back home at another small shop to sample some more wine. This is where my mom had moonshine for the first time (she did not enjoy it but assured me she was glad she tried it anyway) and one of our 37 North guides Morgan found wine that she hadn’t been able to find anywhere but Spain.

When we got back into town, it was hard to say goodbye. But I was comforted to hear several of our group members telling me they would be signing up for another trip and hoped to see me again soon. As I drove away, it warmed my heart to see two of the women exchanging contact information and making plans for the future. What a beautiful experience and the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day and all the important women in our lives.

Meaghan Duda