37 North provides a wide variety of outdoor activities that enhance each individual’s quality of life while also connecting these individuals to other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts and educating the community of the importance of outdoor conservation.  We encourage everyone to get outside as much as possible to Get Sweaty – Get Connected – and Get Happy.  


Are you an avid outdoorsman constantly itching to get outside and want to meet others that feel the same way?  Are you an adrenaline junkie that is looking for your next adventure?  Or are you a workout enthusiast that is bored of running the same roads in the same city? Whoever you are, we, at 37 North, have the trip for you. We have created a three part formula to help you find the perfect way to explore the Ozarks. 

Get Sweaty | Describes the intensity level of the trip - how physically demanding a certain trip will be.  

Get Connected | We are firm believers that one of the keys for happiness is to be connected - be it with nature, yourself, your local community or other like minded people. We make sure that every single one of our trips fulfills this in one way or another. 

Get Happy | So this is the end result of our magic 37 North Formula: Get Sweaty + Get Connected = Get Happy. But how does that truly work? Endorphins, which get released when you sweat, are the magic bullet behind happiness - scientifically speaking. Now, getting a good sweat is not enough and that is where "Get Connected" comes in. Psychologists have found that the more people feel connected to a group and connect with others, the more satisfied they are with their lives. We encourage these connections through meaningful experiences that embrace the outdoors and the local community.  Our ultimate goal is to make sure your experience with us results in a fulfilling day exploring the natural side of the Ozarks.