About Us

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It all started when...

It all started when I moved back home to Springfield in 2017.  I moved back home because my dad got sick and nature became my relief from that situation.  I had of course heard of the Ozark Mountains and the beauty of Northwest Arkansas, but I had not really explored the area much until moving back home.  This area of the country is stunning and has so much to offer right here in our backdoors.

After graduating from Drury University in 2013 I moved to New York City and four years later I moved to South America.  I worked as a hiking guide out of NYC and as Expedition Manager for Mashpi Lodge - a National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World - during my time in Ecuador.  With my past endeavors in the world of the outdoors, I knew there was a way to benefit my own community and that is when I took on a new goal - to get as many people of the Ozarks exploring the outdoors and improving their quality of life through the process.  

That was the simple concept that 37 North Expeditions was born from.  I got an old friend, Sam Palmer on board and we started working out the details and dreaming of the opportunities together right away.  We are not a typical guiding service that is claiming our clients need our expertise and services.  We are not aiming to attract the most exceptional adventurers in the area.  We are simply trying to get more people out in nature and providing the opportunities to do just that.  Whether this is your first time hiking or you are in search of ways to get outside in a more social setting, you can find the trip for you anytime of year.


Our mission is to provide a wide variety of outdoor activities that enhance each individual’s quality of life while also connecting these individuals to other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts and educating the community of the importance of outdoor conservation.  We encourage everyone to get outside as much as possible and Get Sweaty – Get Connected – and Get Happy.