Our Team


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Danny Collins

Get him in a canoe with his fiance and his puppy and he is right where he wants to be.  Danny grew up in the Ozarks, graduating from Glendale and Drury.  After graduation he moved to NYC for 4 years and later moved to Ecuador where he worked as the Expedition Manager for a National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World.  Family led him back home to Springfield and his passion for the outdoors led him to start 37 North Expeditions.

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Sam Palmer

Forever on a quest to see “what’s around that corner over there”, Sam is consistently sharpening his skills in the outdoors to reach a new level of adventure each season. He is an ex-international acrobat, an EMT for a local hospital in Springfield as well as an employee at Zenith Climbing Center. Sam is currently finishing his major in Sport, Park and Recreation at Missouri State University along with coaching their CrossFit class. Since being approached by Danny to help create 37 North Sam has joined the team and is very excited to share all that the great outdoors has given to him, with you!


By day, Sarah is a Stormwater Specialist at the City of Springfield, where she protects local water quality by enforcing environmental regulations. She has degrees in Environmental Science and Biology and believes in the power of nature to help heal mind, body and spirit. When 37 North came along, she jumped at the chance to help people connect to nature and themselves through outdoor meditation. In her spare time, Sarah can be found exploring Ozark trails, hugging trees and planning adventures!